Mystery of Notre Dame

Mystery of Notre Dame
Chant & Polyphony
Orlando Consort
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  1. Communion - Pascha nostrum immolatus
  2. Matins responsory - Et valde mane una abbatorum à 2
  3. Sequence - Victimae paschali laudes
  4. Processional Antiphon - Cristus resurgens
    Dicant nun à 3
  5. Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  6. Gradual - Benedicta à 3
    Virgo, Dei genitrix à 3
  7. Alleluya à 2
    Assumpta est Maria à 2
  8. Offertory - Beata es, virgo Maria
  9. Feast of St. Stephen

  10. Introit - Etenim sederunt principes
  11. Gradual - Sederunt principes à 4
    Adiuva me, Domine à 4
  12. Alleluya à 2
    Video celos apertos à 2
  13. Communion - Video celos apertos

Performers: Robert Harre-Jones (countertenor, director of plainchant), Charles Daniels (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), Donald Greig (tenor), Simon Berridge (tenor); Choristers of Westminster Cathedral Choir - James O'Donnell, Gerald Beatty (treble), Matthew Davies (treble), Benedict Durbin (treble), Dominic Walker (treble), Stephen Charlesworth (baritone), Charles Pott (baritone), Michael McCarthy (bass), Julian Clarkson (bass)

Playing time: 76'

Recording date: May 1996 (Neustadt)

The program consists of plainchant and organum from the Magnus Liber Organi, nominally attributed to Leonin.

An earlier recording by the present ensemble featuring similar music:

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