Morales: Music for Philip II

Morales: A Requiem for Philip II
Gabrieli Consort - Paul McCreesh
Archiv 457 597


    Officium defunctorum: Invitatorium
  1. Antifona: Circumdederunt me
  2. Psalm 94: Venite, exultemus Domino

  3. Missa pro Defunctis (1544)
  4. Introitus: Requieum aeternam
  5. Kyrie
  6. Oratio
  7. Epistola
  8. Graduale: Requiem aeternam
  9. Tractus: Absolve, Domine
  10. Sequentia: Dies irae
  11. Evangelium
  12. Offertorium: Domine Iesu Christe
  13. Prefatio
  14. Sanctus
  15. Benedictus
  16. Pater noster
  17. Agnus Dei
  18. Communio: Lux aeterna
  19. Postcommunio
  20. Lobo: Versa est in luctum

Performers: Charles Humphries (countertenor) Robert Harre-Jones (countertenor), Malcolm Smith (countertenor), Andrew Watts (countertenor), Steven Harrold (tenor), Julian Podger (tenor), Gerard O'Beirne (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), Robert Evans (baritone), Charles Pott (baritone), Donald Greig (baritone), Henry Wickham (baritone), Simon Grant (bass), Francis Steele (bass), William Lyons (bass dulcian)

Playing time: 75'

Recording date: September 1997 (Northumberland)

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 22/2- (November / December 1998)

This program is a hypothetical reconstruction of the funeral service performed for Philip II in the Cathedral of Toledo in 1598. The main items are the impressive funeral works of Cristóbal de Morales (c.1500-1553), performed with interspersed liturgical chant.

Also included is a concluding motet by Alonso Lobo (c.1555-1617)

The previous Morales recording by the present ensemble:

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Gabrieli Consort & Players - Paul McCreesh
Archiv 449 143

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