Flemish Renaissance Wind Music

A Flemish Feast
Flemish Renaissance Wind Music
Piffaro Renaissance Band - Joan Kimball & Robert Wiemken
Archiv 457 609


  1. Anon., Flemish: T'andernaken
    Laet ons mit hartzen
    Laet ons mit hartzen
    Ihesus is een kyndekyn cleyn
    Laet ons mit hartzen (3 bagpipes, recorder, guitar, percussion)
  2. La Rue: Ave regina caelorum (shawm, 2 sackbuts, dulcian)
  3. La Rue: Pourquoy non (2 sackbuts, shawm, dulcian)
  4. Susato: Passe et medio & reprise (2 sackbuts, shawm, dulcian)
  5. Susato: 3 Gaillardes (3 shawms, dulcian, percussion; bagpipes, percussion; shawm, bagpipes, percussion)
  6. Susato: La Morisque (3 shawms, sackbut, bagpipes, dulcian, percussion)
  7. Obrecht: J'ay pris amours (3 recorders)
  8. Obrecht arr. Grant Herreid: J'ay pris amours (lute, harp)
  9. Agricola: Crions Noel (recorder, lute, harp)
  10. Erasmus Lapicida: T'andernaken (2 recorders, lute)
  11. Obrecht: Laet u ghenoughen, liever Johan (4 recorders, harp, lute)
  12. Susato: Entre du fol (hurdy-gurdy, lute)
  13. Susato: Mon désir (hurdy-gurdy, lute)
  14. Johannes Ghiselin: Je loe amours (2 shawms, sackbut)
  15. Alamire: T'andernaken (shawm, 2 sackbuts, dulcian)
  16. Agricola / Ghiselin: [untitled] (2 sackbuts)
  17. Anon., Canti C 1504: De tous bien playne (2 shawms, slide trumpet, sackbut)
  18. Susato: Pavane & Gaillarde "La dona" (4 krumhorns)
  19. Anon., 16th c.: Wij sheyt edel vrouwe (lute)
  20. Susato: Allemaigne (lute)
  21. Susato: 4 Bransles (3 bagpipes)
  22. Susato: Bergerette (3 bagpipes)
  23. Clemens: O Crux benedicta (4 recorders)
  24. Clemens: Ave mundi spes Maria (6 recorders)
  25. Tyling: T'andernaken al op den Rijn (3 shawms)
  26. Johannes Pullois: Les larmes (2 sackbuts, shawm)
  27. Johannes Brassart: Fortis cum quevis actio (4 shawms)
  28. Anon., 15th c.: Die winter is verganghen (3 bagpipes)

Performers: Adam Gilbert, Rotem Gilbert, Grant Herreid, George Hoyt, Joan Kimball, Robert Wiemken, Tom Zajac

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: June 1997 (Neustadt)

An older recording on the T'andernaken theme:

Eine musikalische Rheinrise im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert
Odhecaton, Ensemble für alte Musik, Köln
FSM 97 217

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