The Triumphs of Oriana

The Triumphs of Oriana: Madrigals
Pro Cantione Antiqua - Ian Partridge
Archiv Collectio Argentea 437 076


    Songs of five voices
  1. Michael East (c.1580-1648): Hence Stars! Too dim of light
  2. Daniel Norcombe (1576-before 1626): With angel's face
  3. John Mundy (c.1529-?1591): Lightly she whipped o'er the dales
  4. Ellis Gibbons (1573-?1603): Long live fair Oriana (Hark, did you ever hear?)
  5. John Bennett (c.1575-80; fl.1599-1644): All Creatures now are merry-minded
  6. John Hilton (?-c.1608): Fair Oriana, beauty's queen
  7. George Marson (c.1573-1632): The nymphs and the Shepards danced
  8. Richard Carlton (c.1558-?1638): Calm was the air and clear the sky
  9. John Holmes (?-1629): Thus Bonny-boots the birthday celebrated
  10. Richard Nicholson (fl.1595; d.1639): Sing, shepherds all, and in yourrounde lays
  11. Thomas Tompkins (1572-1656): The fauns and satyrs tripping
  12. Michael Cavendish (c.1565-1628): Come, gentle swains and shepherds' dainty daughters
  13. William Cobbold (1560-1639): With wreaths of rose and laurel
  14. Thomas Morley (1557/8-1602): Arise, awake, awake

  15. Songs of six voices
  16. John Farmer (c.1570; fl.1591/1601): Fair nymphs I heard one telling
  17. John Wilbye (1574-1638): The lady Oriana
  18. Thomas Hunt (fl. c.1600): Hark! Did ye ever hear so sweet a singing?
  19. Thomas Weekles (1576-1623): As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending
  20. John Milton (c.1563-1647): Fair Orian, in the morn
  21. Ellis Gibbons: Round about her charret, with all-admiring strains
  22. George Kirbye (?-1634): With Angel's face and brightness
  23. Robert Jones (fl.1597-1615): Fair Oriana, seeming to wink at folly
  24. John Lisley (?): Fair Cytherea presents her doves; Minerva sweetly singeth
  25. Thomas Morley: Hard by a crystal Fountain
  26. Edward Johnson (fl.1562-1601): Come, blessed bird and with thy sugared relish

Performers: James Bowman, Paul Esswood, James Griffett, Ian Partridge, Brian Etheridge, David Thomas, Jennifer Smith, Leoine Mitchell (singers)

Production date: 1977

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