Magdalena Kozená
Musica Antiqua Köln - Reinhard Goebel
Archiv 00289 474 194-2 AH (1 CD)


Johann Christoph Bach (1642-1703):
- Ach, dass ich Wassers g'nug hätte (Lamento for contralto, violin, 3 violas and basso continuo).
Francesco Bartolomeo Conti (1682-1732):
- Languet anima mea (Cantata for soprano, 2 oboes (ad libitum), strings and basso continuo).
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):
- Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust BWV 170 (Cantata for contralto, oboe d'amore, strings, organ and basso continuo);
- Bekennen will ich seinen namen BWV 200 (Aria for contralto, 2 violins and basso continuo).
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1780):
- Selma H 739 (Wq. 236) (Cantata for soprano, 2 flutes, strings and basso continuo).
Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (1732-1795):
- Die Amerikanerin BR JCFB G 47 (Scena for mezzo-soprano, strings and basso continuo).

Playing time: 55'51

Performers: Verena Fischer, Dorothea Seel (flute); Susanne Regel, Diego Nadra (oboe); Rainer Johannsen (bassoon); Stephan Schardt, Reinhard Goebel, Ilja Korol, Anne von Hoff (violin I); Gudrun Höbold, Franc Polman, Karin Gutsche (violin II); Maren Ries, Rachael Yates, Stephan Schardt (viola); Klaus-Dieter Brandt, Georg Börgers (cello); Ulrich Wolff (violone); Léon Berben (harpsichord, organ).

Recording date: 2/2003.

Comments: This is the third part of Bachiana series, whose previous releases are Bachiana and Bachiana Double Concerto, even if it does not bear the name. The solo cantata of Viennese composer Francesco Bartolomeu Conti also presented here was transcribed by Johann Sebastian Bach in 1716 and played a short time later in Cothen. Johann Christoph Bach's "Ach, daß ich Wassers g'nug hätte" was already recorded by Reinhard Goebel in the Alt-Bachisches Archiv recording, with David Cordier as a soloist.

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