Am Hofe der Königin Elisabeth I

Am Hofe der Königin Elisabeth I
Studio der frühen Musik - Thomas Binkley, dir.; Lady Susi Jeans; Ambrosian Singers - Denis Stevens, dir.
Archiv Produktion 199 001 [LP-Mono/Stereo]


    John Dowland:
  1. Can she excuse
  2. Come, ye heavy state of night
  3. I Saw My Lady Weep
  4. Me, Me, And None But Me
  5. Shall I Sue
  6. Sorrow, Stay

  7. ----
    William Byrd: Virginal music
  8. The Carmans Whistle
  9. Lord Willobies Welcome Welcome Home

  10. Thomas Morley
  11. Good Love
  12. Farewell
  13. Hark jolly shepherds
  14. Now is the gentle season
  15. The fields abroad
  16. My lovely wanton Jewell
  17. Sweet Nymph
  18. Stay heart
  19. O grief even on the bud

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1]-[6] Studio der frühen Musik [Andrea von Ramm (mezzo-soprano), Grayston Burgess (contratenor), Nigel Rogers (tenor), Karl-Heinz Klein (bass)] - Thomas Binkley, dir.
[7]-[8] Lady Susi Jeans (cembalo)
[9]-[17] Ambrosian Singers - Denis Stevens, dir.

Recording site and date:
[1]-[6] Unknown [1964]
[7]-[8] Unknown [1970 or prior]
[9]-[17] Unknown [1970 or prior]

Other releases (excerpts):
[1]-[6] Archiv Produktion APM 14 345/SAPM 198 345 Ausgewälte Werke von J. Dowland
[7]-[8] unknown
[9]-[17] unknown

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Information from Kim Zabelle, John Haines, Bielefelder Katalog 1971. Exact order of tracks is not known

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