Dowland: Airs, Songs, Pavans

Dowland: Airs, Songs, Pavans
Various performers
Deutsche Grammophon 000819102 [CDx2]


    This is a compilation of six previously released CDs / LPs with a wide spectrum of well known performers (see performers). Details to appear when available.

Playing time: 121' 17"

Thomas Binkley (lute, conductor), Anthony Rooley (lute, conductor), Barbara Bonney (soprano), Emma Kirkby (soprano), Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano), Andrea von Ramm (mezzo-soprano), Grayston Burgess (counter-tenor), Andreas Scholl (counter-tenor), Nigel Rogers (tenor), Jacob Heringman (lute), Jakob Lindberg (lute), Göran Söllscher (guitar), The Consort of Musicke, Edin Karamazov (lute), Studio der Frühen Musik

Recording site and date:
Various places;
Rel.: 2007 ?

Decca 466 1322 (Bonney, Heringman)
Decca 477 5114 (Anne Sofie Mutter, Jakob Lindberg)
Decca 466 9172 (Andreas Scholl)
Deutsche Gramophon 477 5726 (Göran Söllscher)
Decca 452 5632 (Anthony Rooley & The Consort of Musicke)
Archiv Produktion SAPM 198 345 [LP, stereo] IV. Research Period: The High Renaissance (16th Century) Series M: The Elizabethan Age: Selected Works by John Dowland (with Nigel Rogers, Andrea von Ramm. Anthony Burgess, Thomas Binkley)

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 31/1-93 (September/October 2007)

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