Jacopo da Bologna - Italienische Madrigale

Jacopo da Bologna - Italienische Madrigale des 14. Jahrhunderts
Ensemble Project Ars Nova (P.A.N.)
Deutsche Harmonia mundi HM 738 A [LP]
Ars Musici AM 1274-2 [CD]


    Jacopo da Bologna:
  1. Canonic caccia for 3 voices: Oseletto salvaçio
  2. Madrigal for 2 voices: I'me sun un (instrumental)
  3. Madrigal for 2 voices: Oseletto salvaçio
  4. Madrigal for 2 voices: Prima virtute (instrumental)
  5. Madrigal: O in Italia felice Liguria
  6. Lauda (Ballata) for 2, 3 voices: Nel mio parlar
  7. Madrigal for 2 voices: Aquil' altera (instrumental)
  8. Triple Madrigal for 3 voices: Aquil' altera / Creatura gentil / Ucel de Dio
  9. Madrigal for 3 voices: Sotto l'imperio
  10. Madrigal for 2 voices (doubtful attribution): Avendo me falcon (instrumental)
  11. Madrigal for 2 voices: Lo lume vostro
  12. Motet: Lux purpurata radiis / Diligite justiciam
  13. Madrigal: Non al suo amante (instrumental)
  14. Madrigal: Non al suo amante
  15. Madrigal for 2 voices: Posando sopra un'aqua
  16. Madrigal for 2, 3 voices: I'senti' çà

Paris, Bibliothèque nationale f.n.a. fr. 6771 "Codex Reina"
Padova, Biblioteca Universitaria, Mss 1475
Firenza, Biblioteca Nazionale centrale, Panciatichiano 26
Faenza, Biblioteca Comunale, ms. 117 "Codex Faenza"

Project Ars Nova (P.A.N.)
Michael Collver (counter-tenor, cornetto), Sterling Jones (fiddle, rebec, organetto, lute), Laurie Monahan (mezzo-soprano), Crawford Young (lute, cittern)] & Willem de Waal (baritone)

Playing time: 45' 57" (LP), 47' 20" (CD)

Recording site and date:
Musikakademie der Stadt, Basel, Switzweland [1985];
Rel.: 1985 (LP), 2001 (CD)

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 520-84 (december 2004)

Information from owned LP and CD, Lansing McLoskey, Florian Chevallot, and Todd McComb's owned CD. The titles of tracks [1] and [3] have been modified according to the digital listing of the CD.

Pierre-F. Roberge

Jacopo da Bologna (fl.c.1340-60) was one of the most important early composers of the Italian Ars Nova. Most of his work is known from Verona, where such luminaries as Petrarch, Dante, and Marchetto da Padova worked.

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