Celestial hierarchy

Celestial hierarchy
Sequentia - Benjamin Bagby
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (Sony) 88765 46864 2 [CD]


    Hildegard von Bingen
  1. O splendissima gemma
  2. O dulcis electe
  3. O speculum columbe
  4. O spectabiles viri
  5. O cohors milicie floris
  6. O victoriosissimi triumphatores
  7. Kyrie eleison
  8. O vos imitatores excelse
  9. O gloriosissimi lux
  10. O vos angeli

Playing time: 72'

Lydia Brotherton, Agnethe Christensen, Esther Labourdette, Sabine Lutzenberg, Christine Mothes, Elodie Mourot, Lena Susanne Norin (voices); Norbert Rodenkirchen (flutes), Benjamin Bagby (harp, direction)

Recording site and date:
St. Remigius - Franc-Waret (Belgium) [11/2012];
Rel.: 2013

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