Agricola: Chansons

Agricola: Chansons
Ferrara Ensemble - Crawford Young
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77038


  1. Motet: Virgo sub ethereis
  2. De tous bien playne (instrumental)
  3. Je n'ay dueil
  4. Tandernaken al op den rijn (instrumental)
  5. Revenez tous regretz
  6. De tous bien playne (instrumental)
  7. Pater meus agricola est (instrumental)
  8. En attendant
  9. Dictes moi toutes (instrumental)
  10. Jam fulsit sol de sidere
  11. Cecus non iudicat de coloribus (instrumental)
  12. Gardez voz bien
  13. De tous bien playne (instrumental)
  14. Helas madame (instrumental)
  15. A la mignonne
  16. Fortuna desperata (instrumental)
  17. In mijnen sin

Performers: Susanne Norin, Carol Schlaiker, Kathleen Dineen, David Cordier, Harry Geraerts, Stephen Grant (voices); Debra Gomez (harp), Randall Cook (fiddle, viol), Timo Peedu (lute), Crawford Young (lute, viol, cittern), Veli-Markus Tapio (viol), Brigitte Gasser (viol)

Playing time: 57'

Recording date: November 1988

Alexander Agricola (c.1446-1506) wrote songs which are some of the finest examples of the period, showing a real flair for simultaneously-composed counterpoint with flowing lines. He also left several pieces without words underlaid, apparently intended to be performed instrumentally (some of the earliest such compositions preserved); these include multiple variations on Hayne von Ghizeghem's famous chanson De tous bien playne.

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