The Art of the Cigar

The Art of the Cigar
Songs, Ballads and Hymns in Honour of the Cigar
Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (Sony) 88697771422 [CD]


  1. The Bristol tune book (1876): Tobacco is a dirty weed
  2. Juan Blas de Castro (c.1561-1631): Como el humo del cigarro
  3. Michael East (c.1580-1648): O metefisicall tobaco
  4. Carl Ludwig Friedrich Hetsch (1808-1872): Louange de la Havane
  5. José Peyró (1702-1768): De Vuelta Abajo o de Oriente
  6. Charles Wesley (1793-1859): My last cigar
  7. Pedro Riquet (17th century): La guajirita de Vuelta Abajo
  8. Augustus Edmonds Tozer (1857-1910): Das Zigarrenlied
  9. W. Augustus Barrat (1864-1928): So I have my cigar!
  10. H. Lazerges (1817-1887): Éloge du tabac
  11. Paul Lebrun (1863-1920): To a segar
  12. Solage (fl.c.1400): Fumeux fume par fumée
  13. Daniel Towner (1850-1919): Open the old cigar-box
  14. Tobias Hume (c.1569-1645): Tobacco, tobacco, sing sweetly for tobacco
  15. E.C. Walker (1820-1894): I like cigars beneath the stars
  16. Anon. (Spain c.1520): Elogio

Playing time: 57'

Recording date: June 2010 (Leuven); released: 2011

This compact disc is an original recording, made in 2010 especially for the 40th anniversary of the Huelgas Ensemble.
Information from Patrick Hoffman & C. Songeur.

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Todd M. McComb