Latin songs

Nova Cantica: Latin Songs of the High Middle Ages
Dominique Vellard & Emmanuel Bonnardot
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77196


  1. Conductus à 2: Da laudis, homo, nova cantica
  2. Versus à 2: Annus novus in gaudio
  3. Sequenz à 2: Rex Salomon fecit templum
  4. Benedicamus-Tropus: Letamini plebs hodie fidelis
  5. Conductus: Natali regis glorie
  6. Benedicamus-Tropus à 2: Stirps Jesse florigeram
  7. Benedicamus-Tropus à 2: Iubilemus exultemus
  8. Benedicamus-Tropus à 2: Letabundi iubilemus
  9. Conductus: Ex Ade vitio
  10. Benedicamus-Tropus à 2: Noster cetus
  11. Conductus à 2: Natus est
  12. Benedicamus-Tropus à 2: Dulcis sapor novi mellis
  13. Conductus: Alto consilio

Performers: Dominique Vellard (tenor), Emmanuel Bonnardot (baritone)

Playing time: 55'

Recording date: October 1986; released: 1990

Most of the songs are on theological themes, but a few are not. The material originates in both Aquitaine & Paris, and makes a good overview of the main elements of the new two-voice style as well as the change in basic chant structure which accompanied it.

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