Sephardic music

Songs of the Spanish Jews
Ensemble Sarband - Vladimir Ivanoff
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (BMG) 05472 77372 2 [CD]
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (BMG) "Splendeurs" 93564


    Balkans and Ottoman Empire
  1. Una ramika de ruda
  2. A kasar el rey
  3. Morikos
  4. Nani nani

  5. Mediterranean
  6. Quien huviesse tal ventura
  7. Abenamar
  8. La rosa enflorese

Performers: Fadia El-Hage (voice), Belinda Sykes (voice, shawms, bagpipes), Mustafa Dogan Dikmen (ney, percussion, voice), Ihsan Mehmet Özer (psaltery), Ahmed Kadri Rizeli (fiddle, percussion), Mehmet Cemal Yesilcay ('ud, djura, percussion), Vladimir Ivanoff (percussion, 'ud, lute)

Playing time: 51'

Recording date: 1994 (Beirut, Istanbul, Munich)

[1], [5], [6] RCA "Red Seals" 82876 60986 2 [CDx4] Trésors - Moyen-Âge

This recording is subtitled "Living Traditions of the Orient" and is supposed to be followed up with "Medieval Spain and the Hispanic tradition." The present recording reflects the dual diaspora: toward Turkey in the East, or remaining in the Western Mediterranean, and is reflected today in two distinct modern traditions.

And keep in mind that this music is distinctly modern. The opening track, for instance, is audibly influenced by the Turkish styles of Central Asia, i.e. completely post-Ottoman. There is a nice range of styles here, reflected both in the vocal tone and the instrumental accompaniment.

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