Hildegard von Bingen - Saints

Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
Sequentia - Barbara Thornton & Benjamin Bagby, dirs
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (BMG) 05472 77378 2 [CDx2]


    To God the Father

  1. Antiphon: O magne pater (solo voice)
  2. To Saint Bonifance

  3. Antiphon: O Bonifaci (men)
  4. To Saint Disibodus

  5. Antiphon: O mirum admirandum
    Domini est terra (men)
  6. (instrumental, fiddles)
  7. Responsory: O viriditas digiti dei (women, instruments)
  8. Antiphon: O beata infantia
    Antiphon: Domine, Dominus noster (men)
  9. Responsory: O felix anima (men)
  10. (instrumental, fiddles)
  11. Sequence: O presul vere civitatis (women, instruments)

    To Saint Maximus

  1. Sequence: Columba aspexit (men)
  2. (instrumental, fiddle & harp)
  3. To Saint Ursula

  4. Sequence: O Ecclesia (women)
  5. Responsory: Spiritui sancto (women, fiddle)
  6. To Saint Matthew

  7. Sequence: Mathias, sanctus per electionem (men)
  8. To the Holy Widows

  9. Symphonia viduarum: O pater omnium (women)
  10. To Saint Eucharius

  11. Responsory: O Euchari, columba virtutem illius (men)
  12. Sequence: O Euchari, in leta via ambulasti (men, organistrum)

Sources (text edition):
Peter Dronke (Cambridge), copyright 1998

Source (music):
Rupertsberger "Riesencodex" (1180-1190), Wiesbaden, Hessische Landesbibliothek, Ms. 2

Sequentia, Ensemble für Musik des Mittelalters
Vox Feminae: Barbara Thornton (voice), Pamela Dellal (voice), Suzanne Ehly (voice), Ellen Hargis (voice), Lydia Heather Knutson (voice), Nancy Mayer (voice), Caitriona O'Leary (voice), Janet Youngdahl (voice)
Sons of Thunder: Benjamin Bagby (voice), John Fleagle (voice), Stephen Grant (voice), Paul Guttry (voice), William Hite (voice), Frank Kelley (voice), Eric Mentzel (voice), Mark McSweeney (voice)
Instrumental ensemble: Elizabeth Gaver (instrumental direction, medieval fiddle), Rachel Evans (medieval fiddle), Robert Mealy (medieval fiddle), Benjamin Bagby (medieval harp)
Barbara Thornton & Benjamin Bagby, dirs.

Playing time: 106'

Recording site and date:
Church of the Campion Center, Weston, MA, USA [06/1996];
Rel.: 1998

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 22/3-180 (January / February 1999)

The bulk of the program is on pieces dedicated to Saint Disibodus, in whose namesake monastery Hildegard was first committed to the cloisters. The instrumental tracks were composed and arranged by Sequentia member, Elisabeth Gaver.

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