Rore: St. John Passion

Cypriano de Rore: Passio Domini nostri Jesu Christi secundum Johannem
Huelgas Ensemble - Paul van Nevel
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 7994
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi "baroque esprit" 77429


  1. Passio Domini
  2. Intermedium I: Ad te levavi oculos
  3. Adducunt ergo Jesum
  4. Intermedium II: Instrumental
  5. Susceperunt autem Jesum
  6. Intermedium III: Agnus Dei
  7. Judaei ergo quoniam parasceve erat

Performers: Katelijne van Laethem (cantus), Gilles Ragon (altus), John Dudley (tenor), Josep Cabre (bariton), Lieven Deroo (bassus), Wim Becu (baßposaune), Harry Ries (basßposaune), Willem Bremer (zink, blockflöte), Bart Coen (blockflöte), Renée Stock (Renaissance viola da gamba), René van Laeken (fiedel)

Playing time: 67'19

Recording date: October 1988 (Leuven, Belgium); released: 1990

In his Passion according to St. John, Rore created a masterpiece of plainchant elaboration in polyphony. Unlike other Passion settings of the period, this one sets the entire text, while carefully adhering to the Gregorian recitation tones and structures for the Passion. The syllabic declamation of the text gives a powerful "speaking" effect, while avoiding the madrigalisms Rore is better known for.

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