Cantio Triplex

Cantio Triplex
Ensemble Diferencias - Conrad Steinmann
Divox Antiqua 79610


  1. Dufay: Ave maris stella (4 recorders, voice, glockenspiel)
  2. Anon. / Dufay: Bon jour, bon mois (3 recorders, 2 voices, fiddle, lute)
  3. Dufay: Hélas, ma dame (3 recorders)
  4. Dufay: Je me complains piteusement (3 recorders)
  5. Dufay: Sanctus (3 recorders)
  6. Dufay: O tres piteulx / Omnes amici eius / Lamentatio sancte matris ecclesiae Constantinopolitane (2 recorders, voice, fiddle)
  7. Sophronios (Patriarch of Jerusalem, 634-638): Oútos ho theós (recorder)
  8. Anon. Russian (c.1670): Gospodi Wozzwach (4 recorders)
  9. Anon. Russian (c.1650): Heilige Dreifaltigkeit (recorder, glockenspiel)
  10. Anon. Russian (c.1680): Polielej, utrenja (3 recorders)
  11. Andreas von Kreta (660-732): Kanon (2 recorders)
  12. Dufay: Je vous prie / Ma très douce amie / Tant que mon argent dura (3 recorders, fiddle)
  13. Dufay: O sancte Sebastiane / O martyr Sebastiane / O quam mira refulsit gratia (2 recorders, 2 voices)
  14. Dufay: Vergene bella (3 recorders, lute)
  15. Dufay: Inclita stella maris (3 recorders, glockenspiel)

Performers: Elsa Frank (recorder, voice), Helma Franssen (recorder, glockenspiel), Urs Haenggli (recorder, glockenspiel, lute, fiddle, voice), Conrad Steinmann (recorder, voice)

Playing time: 57'

Recording date: January 1996 (Switzerland)

This recording brings together early medieval Eastern Mediterranean music, with fifteenth century music of Dufay from Burgundy, and later Russian Orthodox chants. The idea is thus centered vaguely on the idea of the splitting Roman Empire and the fall of Byzantium.

Although voices are listed on some tracks, they appear as a support to the recorder lines, which are almost always featured. Track #6, around which the entire program is centered, is the one place where vocal articulation sometimes dominates the attention. In some sections, especially the Eastern music, the solo recorder work is quite virtuosic.

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Ensemble Diferencias - Conrad Steinmann
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