The Sound World of the Celtic Church

In Praise of Saint Columba
The Sound World of the Celtic Church
Choir of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge - Geoffrey Webber
Delphian 34137


  1. Inchcolm Antiphoner: Os mutorum, lux cecorum
  2. Einsiedeln MS 121: Loquebar de testimoniis tuis
  3. Improv: River Erne horn duet
  4. St. Columba / Lausanne, 13th. c.: Adiutor laborantium
  5. Inchcolm Antiphoner: Sanctorum piissime Columba
  6. Einsiedeln MS 121: Lauda anima mea Dominum
  7. Anon. Iona / Brown: Noli Pater
  8. Inchcolm Antiphoner: Carne solutus pater Columba
  9. Einsiedeln MS 121: Amen dico vobis
  10. St. Gallen MS 359: Liberasti nos Domine
  11. Cú Chuimne / Santiago di Compostela: Cantemus in omni die
  12. Anon. Iona / Brown: Altus prosator
  13. Inchcolm Antiphoner: Volens Ihesus linire
  14. Brown: Laudate Dominum
  15. Brown: The Desperate Battle of the Birds

Performers: Choir of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge; Barnaby Brown (triple pipes, lyre), Simon O'Dwyer (horn), Malachy Frame (horn), Liam Crangle (bell, crotal)

Playing time: 76'

Recording date: July 2013 (Cambridgeshire); released: 2014

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Todd M. McComb