The Earliest Consort Music for Viols

Mynstrelles with Straunge Sounds
The Earliest Consort Music for Viols
Clare Wilkinson / Rose Consort of Viols
Delphian 34169


  1. Anon: And I were a maiden
  2. Anon: De tous biens plaine (a 4)
  3. Anon: Fortuna desperata (a 4)
  4. Henry VIII: Helas madame
  5. Ghizeghem: De tous biens plaine
  6. Josquin: De tous biens plaine (a 3)
  7. Busnoys: Fortune esperée
  8. Josquin: Fortuna desperata (a 3)
  9. Peñalosa: Vita dulcedo / Agnus Dei II (from Missa Ave Maria)
  10. Agricola: Cecus non iudicat de coloribus
  11. Encina: Triste España
  12. Martini: Des biens amors (a 4)
  13. Martini: La Martinella
  14. Josquin: In te Domine speravi
  15. Anon: In te Domine sperabo
  16. Anon: La quercia
  17. Anon: Biblis
  18. Encina: Fata la parte
  19. Anon: La Spagna
  20. Ponce: La mi sola Laureola
  21. Cornysh: Fa la sol
  22. Anchieta: Con amores, la mi madre
  23. Isaac: Agnus Dei II (from Missa La Spagna)
  24. Josquin: Adieu mes amours

Performers: Clare Wilkinson (mezzo-soprano); John Bryan, Alison Crum, Andrew Kerr, Roy Marks (viols)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: November 2014 (Somerset); released: 2015

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