The Giant Celtic Horns of Ancient Europe

Dragon Voices
The Giant Celtic Horns of Ancient Europe
European Music Archeology Project, Vol. 1
John Kenny
Delphian 34183 [CD]


  1. Liadain and Cuirithir
  2. Dance of Herne
  3. Forest Camp
  4. The Hunt
  5. After the Hunt
  6. Calanais
  7. The Shaman
  8. Ships in the Night
  9. Shaman 2
  10. Cú Chulainn
  11. Ocean Stone
  12. Invocation
  13. Shaman 3
  14. Gaels & Gauls
  15. Dragon Voices
  16. Tintignac Lament
  17. Danse sacrale
  18. Cailleachan
  19. Cave of Shells
  20. Mór-rioghain
  21. Loughnashade Lament

Instruments: John Kenny on Tintignac carnyx, Deskford carnyx, Loughnashade horn, conch shell, percussion (with overdubbing)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: November 2015 (University of Huddersfield); released: 2016

This is about the carnyx, and reconstructing a playable technique for it, based on archeological survival of partial instruments, as well as ancient commentary on what it was like. The music itself is entirely speculative.

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Todd M. McComb