Music for Milan Cathedral

Music for Milan Cathedral
Werrecore / Josquin / Gaffurius / Weerbeke
Siglo de Oro - Patrick Allies
Delphian Records 34224 [CD]

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  1. Werrecore: Inviolata, integra et casta es Maria
  2. Gaffurius: O sacrum convivium
  3. Werrecore: Popule meus
  4. Josquin: Alma Redemptoris mater / Ave regina caelorum
  5. Werrecore: Proch dolor
  6. Werrecore: Ave maris stella
  7. Werrecore: Inclina Deus meus
  8. Weerbeke: Ave regina caelorum, mater
  9. Werrecore: Beati omnes qui timent Dominum
  10. Phinot: Homo quidam fecit
  11. Josquin: Inviolata, integra et casta es

Release date: 2020

The program features Hermann Matthias Werrecore (c.1500-after 1574), as well as some other music that may have been featured at Milan during his tenure.

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Todd M. McComb