Musics in Fusion

Unicorn - Medieval, Appalachian and World Musics in Fusion
Dorian Discovery DIS-80157


    Jacques Moderne:
  1. Bransles

  2. Anon., trad., USA:
  3. Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle

  4. Jehan de Lescurel / Anon., Apalachian:
  5. Gracieusette / Cottob-eyed Joe

  6. Anon., Classic Blues:
  7. Shake it Down

  8. Anon., trad. Ballad:
  9. Lady Gay

  10. Anon., Appalachian:
  11. Red Rockin' Chair

  12. Anon., The Louisville Jug Band:
  13. Chicken Tree

  14. Alfonso le Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  15. Cantiga 166: Como poden per sas culpas os omes seer contreitos

  16. Anon., Appalachian / Tielman Susato:
  17. Rhymer's Favorite / Allemande & Ronde

  18. Anon., 14th c. / Traditional Blues:
  19. Contre le Temps / Back Door Man

  20. Mats Edén, Scandinavia:
  21. Enhörningen (Unicorn)

  22. Anon., British Broadside:
  23. Captain Kidd

  24. Anon., Cajun:
  25. La Valse de Guedan

  26. Anon., Congo (Zaïre):
  27. Herdsman's tune

  28. Anon., Appalachian:
  29. Lady Hamilton

  30. Anon., Trad., USA:
  31. Little Rabbit

  32. Anon., Trad., USA / Mulliner Book, 16th c.:
  33. Midnight on the Water / La Shymyze

  34. Mulliner Book, 16th c. / Anon., Trad. , USA
  35. La Bounette / Jenny on the Railroad

Playing time: 66' 45"

Performers: Hesperus [Tina Chancey (viol, fiddle, vielle, kamenj, lyra, recorder, rebec, vocals), Bruce Hutton (banjos, guitars, National Steel guitar, ukelele, mouth bow, lap dulcimer, mandolin, vocals), Scott Reiss (recorders, dombek, nakara, hammerd dulcimer, flageolet, Cajun triangle)] & Bruce Molsky (fiddle, guitar, banjo, vocals).

Recording site and date:
Bias Studios [06/1996]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

Comments: Although issued later, it is the first recording by this group (to the best of my knowledge). Contrary to the Neo-Medieval one, this one is far less interesting, but I guess it is also a matter of taste (improvisation).

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Pierre-F. Roberge