O Mistress Mine

O Mistress Mine
A Collection of English Lute Songs
Frederick Urrey / Ronn McFarlane
Dorian 90136


  1. Dowland: Can she excuse my wrongs?
  2. Dowland: Weep you no more, sad fountains
  3. Dowland: Clear or cloudy
  4. Anon: Mall Symes (lute)
  5. Anon: The Cobbler (lute)
  6. Campion: I care not for these ladies
  7. Campion: Shall I come sweet love to thee?
  8. Campion: Beauty, since you so much desire
  9. Anon: Go from my window (lute)
  10. Anon: Pegaramsey (lute)
  11. Anon: Robin Reddock (lute)
  12. Dowland: Say love if ever thou didst find
  13. Dowland: Come heavy sleep
  14. Dowland: Awake, sweet love
  15. Dowland: Go crystal tears
  16. Dowland: Fine knacks for ladies
  17. Holborne: Fantasia No. 3 (lute)
  18. Philip Rosseter: If she forsake me
  19. Holborne: Piece without title (lute)
  20. Rosseter: No grave for woe
  21. Holborne: Heigh Ho Holiday (lute)
  22. Dowland: Shall I sue
  23. Dowland: I saw my lady weep
  24. Dowland: Come away, come sweet love
  25. Gregory Huwet: Fantasia Graegorii (lute)
  26. Morley: Thrysis and Milla
  27. Morley: O mistress mine

Performers: Frederick Urrey (tenor), Ronn McFarlane (lute)

Playing time: 73'

Recording date: September 1989 (Troy, NY)

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Todd M. McComb