Watkin's Ale

Watkin's Ale
Music of the English Renaissance
The Baltimore Consort
Dorian 90142


  1. Jean d'Estrée: The Buffens
  2. Anon: Nuttmigs and Ginger
  3. John Johnson: Green Garters
  4. Ravenscroft: There were Three Ravens
  5. Anon: Howells Delight
  6. Richard Allison: Goe from my Window
  7. Johnson: Green Sleeves
  8. Morley: La Sampogna
  9. Anon: Unto the Prophet Jonas I Read
  10. Byrd: The Carmans Whistle
  11. Dowland: Galliard Can Shee Excuse
  12. Dowland: Lachrimae Pavan
  13. Allison: The Quadro Pavin
  14. Anon: Singers Jig
  15. Anon: Grimstock
  16. Allison?: De la Tromba Pavin
  17. Richard Nicolson: Jewes Daunce
  18. Anon: Pavane Quadro and Galliard
  19. Morley: Joyne Hands
  20. Anon: Watkins Ale

Performers: Mary Anne Ballard (treble viol, tenor viol), Mark Cudek (cittern, bass viol), Custer LaRue (soprano), Larry Lipkis (tenor viol, bass viol), Ronn McFarlane (lute), Chris Norman (recorders), Webb Wiggins (virginal, muselar), Howard Bass (bandora, lute), Ann Marie Morgan (bass viol)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: January 1990 (Troy, NY)

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Todd M. McComb