English Virginal music

Go From My Window
Music for the Virginal
Colin Tilney
Dorian 90195


  1. Morley: Go from my window
  2. Sweelinck: Alemande de Chapelle
  3. Gibbons: The Italian Ground
  4. Gibbons: Ground in A
  5. Schildt: Paduana Lachrymae
  6. Bull: Irish Toy
  7. Gibbons: Coranto
  8. Bull: Prelude in G
  9. Bull: Pavan Lord Lumley
  10. Bull: Galliard Lord Lumley
  11. Bull: My Grief
  12. Bull: Alman in D
  13. Bull: Alman in D
  14. Bull: Why ask you
  15. Farnaby: Why ask you
  16. Anon: Paduana Lachrymae
  17. Sweelinck: Mein junges Leben hat ein End
  18. Byrd: Fifth Pavan (My Lady Nevell's Book)
  19. Byrd: Fifth Galliard (My Lady Nevell's Book)
  20. Byrd: The Barley Break

Playing time: 73'

Recording date: November 1993

Instrument: Italian virginal, Colin Booth

Colin Tilney has such a wonderful tone, and this is an ample selection, ranging from lighter to heavier examples of the repertory and including a few tracks by related German composers. The performance often emphasizes sonority, and features a rich-toned Italian virginal.

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Todd M. McComb