The Mystic and the Muse

The Mystic and the Muse
Celebrating 600 years of Women in Music
Ensemble Galilei
Dorian DOR 90 247


    Trad., Irish Reel
  1. My Love is in America
    Mother's Delight

  2. Erasmus Widmann
  3. Sibylla & Agatha

  4. Trad., Scottish Waltz
  5. Helen Douglas Waltz

  6. Trad., Irish Air
  7. Cuimhne an Phiobaire
    Trad., Irish Reel
    The Misty Maids of Galway
    The Absent Minded Woman

  8. John Dowland
  9. Mrs Whittes Nothing
    Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard

  10. Nancy Karpeles
  11. Sparrows and Cats

  12. Marcia Diehl
  13. The Alchemist

  14. Hildegard von Bingen
  15. O Ecclesia

  16. Sue Richards
  17. The Celt

  18. Chris Romaine
  19. Nancy's Waltz

  20. Trad., Appalachian Melody
  21. Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair
    Anon., England, ca 1540
    My Lady Carey's Dompe

  22. Anon., 1914 Irish Folk Song Society Journal (arr.Surrick)
  23. Far, Far Beyond yon Mountain
    Carolyn Anderson Surrick
    Ellen's Waltz

  24. Carolyn Anderson Surrick
  25. Mrs. Judge Lament
    Turlough O'Carolan
    Mrs. Judge

  26. Trad., Irish Hornpipe
  27. The Oyster Catcher and the Actress

  28. Johann Sebastian Bach
  29. Bist du bei mir

  30. Carolyn Anderson Surrick
  31. Mizzie Mine

Playing time: 58' 14"

Ensemble Galilei [Marcia Diehl (recorders), Nancy Karpeles (percussion), Sue Richards (celtc hasrp), Erin Schrader (guitar, fiddle), Carolyn Anderson Surrick (viols), Sarah Weiner (oboe)]

Recording site and date:
National Public Radio's Studio 4A, Washington, DC [11/1996]

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