The Scottish Lute, Vol. II

Highland King
The Scottish Lute, Vol. II
Ronn McFarlane
Dorian 90257


    Anon: The Wemyss Lute Book (c.1644-1648)
  1. I choys to ly my lon
  2. Blew riben
  3. Ladi ly nier mee
  4. Our last good night
  5. Generall Leslys godnight

  6. Anon: The Rowallan Lute Book (c.1620)
  7. In ane inch I warrant
  8. Untitled
  9. Untitled
  10. Maggae Hamfor
  11. Katherines Bairdie

  12. The Balcarres Lute Book (c.1700)
  13. Beck: Tweedsyde
  14. Beck: Cutte spoon and tree ladie
  15. Beck: The canaries
  16. Grieve: I wish I were where Helen lyes
  17. Beck: The highland king
  18. Beck: Port Athol
  19. Beck: I love my love, in secret
  20. Beck: Jockie leaped over the dyke

  21. Anon: The Wemyss Lute Book
  22. Through the wood Laudie
  23. Lilt milne
  24. Da miche manum
  25. Ruthueins Lilt
  26. Fair and Louky
  27. Doun in yon banks
  28. My lady binnis lilt

  29. The Balcarres Lute Book
  30. Lesslie: A Scotts tune
  31. Beck: Where Will our goodman lye
  32. Beck: The newest scotts measure
  33. Beck: Sweet Willie
  34. Beck: I never New, I loved the
  35. Beck: When she came in, she bobbled
  36. Beck: Simon brodie

  37. Anon: The Rowallan Lute Book
  38. Mary Betons Row
  39. Current Tried
  40. Over the Dyke Davie
  41. Untitled

  42. The Balcarres Lute Book
  43. Beck: The horsemans Port
  44. Beck: If thou wert my own thing
  45. Beck: A gigge
  46. Beck: The more discreet
  47. Grieve: The lady Binnes lilt
  48. Beck: Tarphicken
  49. Beck: The New Highland ladie
  50. Beck: Da mihi magnum

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: September 1997 (Troy, NY)

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