Renaissance Improvisations

Folie Douce
Renaissance Improvisations
Ensemble Doulce Mémoire - Denis Raisin-Dadre
Dorian 90262


  1. Praetorius: Bransle de la Royne 1 & 2
  2. Praetorius: Bransle Gay double VIII
    E. Caroubel: Bransle double de Poictu IX
  3. Praetorius: Ballet CCLXIV 1, 2 & 3
  4. Praetorius: Gaillarde CCXCVIII
  5. Praetorius: Courante - Sarabande CIV
  6. Praetorius: Courante "La Rosette" CIX
  7. Praetorius: Courante CLVII
  8. Vincenzo Galilei: Contrapuncto primo
  9. V. Haussmann: Pavana VII & Nachtanz
  10. E. Widmann: Sophia XII
    Regina XI
  11. E. Widmann: Clara XVI
  12. E. Widmann: Euphrosina XVIII
  13. Schein: Padouana
  14. Schein: Courente
  15. Schein: Gagliard
  16. Schein: Allemande & Tripla
  17. Ballo del Gran Duca
    Ballo, Gaillarde, Canario
  18. J. Matelart / Eda Milano: Fantasia
  19. Meza Note gagliarda XI
  20. Pavane d'Espagne
  21. Attaingnant: Gaillarde XV
  22. Attaingnant: Gaillarde
  23. Spagnoletta
  24. Praetorius: Ballet CCIX
  25. Praetorius: Volte CCXXII
  26. Praetorius: Courante XC
  27. Praetorius: Courante XCVII
  28. Paul Peuerl: Ballet XXVI
  29. Peuerl: Courante VI

Performers: Pascale Boquet (lute, renaissance guitar), Jean-Paul Boury (cornet, mute cornet, recorder), Bruno Caillat (tambourine), Freddy Eichelberger (harpsichord, cittern), Denis Raisin-Dadre (recorders)

Playing time: 75'

Recording date: January 1998 (Troy, NY)

This program is based upon the idea of improvisation based on interval & cadential patterns, as well as the art of diminution and a free interpretation of rhythmic accent in the surviving scores. In short, it is an attempt to adopt the same degree of freedom which the actual performers undoubtedly enjoyed.

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