Lie down, poor heart

Lie down, poor heart
English lutesongs & folk ballads
Daniel Taylor / Sylvain Bergeron
Dorian 90287


  1. Anon: O waly, waly
  2. Anon: I will give my love an apple
  3. Anon: Black is the colour
  4. Anon: The Isle of Aigas (lute)
  5. Anon: Mary, Young and Fair (lute)
  6. Robert Jones: What if I seek for love of thee
  7. Jones: Lie Down, Poor Heart
  8. Dowland: Say, Love, if ever thou didst find
  9. Dowland: Sorrow stay
  10. Dowland: I saw my lady weep
  11. Campion: Never weather-beaten sails
  12. Anon: Prelude (lute)
  13. Anon: Corranto (lute)
  14. Coperario: Cuperaree (lute)
  15. Anon: A Coranto (lute)
  16. Anon: Grays Inn mask (lute)
  17. Johnson: The Fairy Masque (lute)
  18. Anon: The Three Ravens
  19. Anon: Howm againe Markget is done (lute)
  20. Anon: Joane to the may pole (lute)
  21. Anon: Down by the Salley Gardens
  22. O'Carolan: Variations on the Scottish air (lute)
  23. Anon: Greensleeves
  24. Anon: The foggy dew

Performers: Daniel Taylor (countertenor), Sylvain Bergeron (lute)

Playing time: 69'

Recording date: January & May 2000 (Troy, NY)

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Todd M. McComb