The Food of Love

The Food of Love
Early Instrumental Music of the British Isles
Dorian 90290


  1. William Dixon: Dorrington Lads
  2. Playford: Westmorland / Moll Peatly / An Old Man is a Bed Full of Bones / Ten Pound Lass / Cuckolds all in a Row
  3. Anon: Roslin Castle
  4. Robert Johnson: The Satyrs' Masque
  5. Playford: Mr. Baptiste of France his Ground
  6. Morley: My Lord of Oxenfords Maske
  7. Playford: A Ground by Mr. Finger
  8. Elway Bevin: Browning
  9. Anon: The Jew's Dance
  10. Coperario: Gray's Inn
  11. Dowland: Lady Rich's Galliard / Lady Laiton's Almain / The Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth her Galliard
  12. Dowland: Fancy
  13. Dowland: Pavan
  14. Playford: Washington's March
  15. Anon: Devision for a trible viol to play with a virginall
  16. Byrd: The Maiden's Song
  17. Gibbons: Fantasia
  18. Simpson: Bonny Sweet Robin

Performers: Tina Chancey (viols, fiddle), Grant Herreid (lute, guitar, theorbo), Scott Reiss (recorders), Jane Hershey (viols)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: May 2000 (Troy, NY)

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Todd M. McComb