Music from the Odhecaton

Music from the Odhecaton
Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the First Printed Music
Dorian CD-90301


    Loyset Compère
  1. Alons ferons barbe

  2. Antoine Bruhier
  3. Latura tu

  4. Alexander Agricola
  5. Je nay dueul

  6. Anon.
  7. Hors oires une chanson

  8. Anon., arr. A. Gilbert
  9. Dit le burguygnon
  10. Rompeltier

  11. Jacob Obrecht
  12. Tander naken

  13. Heinrich Isaac
  14. La morra

  15. Antoine Busnois
  16. Acordes moy

  17. Anon.
  18. Si a tort on ma blamee
  19. Gentil Prince

  20. Anon., arr. T. Zajac
  21. Piva "Gentil Prince"

  22. Alexander Agricola
  23. Cest mal charche
  24. Ales regrets

  25. Johannes Stokem
  26. Brunette

  27. Anon., arr. A. Gilbert
  28. Dance "Loseraie dire"
  29. Tant que notre argent dure / Il est de bonheure né / Fuga

  30. Johannes Tinctoris
  31. Helas

  32. Loyset Compère
  33. Garisses moy

  34. Heinrich Isaac
  35. E qui le dira

  36. Loyset Compère
  37. Me doibt

  38. Jacob Obrecht
  39. Tsat een meskin

  40. Gilles Mureau
  41. Je ne fay plus

  42. Anon.
  43. Le serviteur

  44. Loyset Compère
  45. Tant ha bon oeul

  46. Heinrich Isaac
  47. Helas

  48. Philippe Caron
  49. Helas que poura devenir

  50. Jean Mouton
  51. James james james

  52. Jean Mouton, arr. A. Gilbert
  53. James james james

Playing time: 65' 43"

Piffaro, the Renaissance Band [Adam Gilbert (shawm, recorders, bagpipes), Rotem Gilbert (shawm, recorders, bagpipes), Grant Herreid (lute, renaissance guitar), Greg Ingles (sackbut, recorder), Joan Kimball (shawm, recorders, bagpipes, douçaine), Robert Wiemken (shawm, recorders, bagpipes, douçaine, percussion), Tom Jazac (sackbut, bagpipes, douçaine, harp)] with Danny Mallon (percussion), Kiri Tollaksen (cornetto), Mack Ramsey (sackbut) - Joan Kimball & Robert Wiemken, dirs.

Recording site and date:
Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, Troy, New York, NY, USA [03 & 06/2001]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 26/3-225 (January / February 2003)
Goldberg (#-p.): 21-88 (winter 2002)

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