Adew Dundee

Adew Dundee
Early Music of Scotland
Baltimore Consort
Dorian 90314


  1. John Forbes: The gowans are gay
  2. Skene Mandora MS: Adew Dundee
  3. Robert Edwards: Remember me my deir
  4. Duncan Burnett: Ane ground
  5. Anon., Pills to Purge Melancholy: A New Scotch Song of Catherine Logy
  6. Anon., Pills to Purge Melancholy: The Scotch cuckold
  7. Balcarres: Green grows the rashes
  8. Skene Mandora MS: Alace I lie alone
  9. Skene Mandora MS: Blew breiks
  10. Andro Blackhall: Adeu O desie of delyt
  11. Wemyss Lute Book: Generall Leslys goodnight
  12. Skene Mandora MS: Lesleis lilt
  13. Skene Mandora MS: Peggy is over ye sie wi' a souldier
  14. Skene Mandora MS: I mett her in the medowe
  15. Straloch Lute Book: The old man
  16. Anon., The Art of Music: Richt soir opprest
  17. Panmure MS: Suit smiling Katie loves me
  18. Straloch Lute Book: Whip my toudie
  19. Skene Mandora MS: Remember me at evening
  20. Skene Mandora MS: A Scot's tune
  21. Thomas Wode: Woe worth the tyme
  22. Thomas Wode: What mightie motion
  23. Estienne du Tertre: Branles d'ecosse

Performers: Mary Anne Ballard (viols, rebec), Mark Cudek (cittern, lute, bass viol), Custer LaRue (soprano), Larry Lipkis (bass viol, recorder), Ronn McFarlane (lute, bandora), Chris Norman (flutes, bagpipe, bodhrán)

Playing time: 62'

Recording dates: May 2002 & January 2003 (Troy, NY)

Most of this music dates to the 1600s, with a few examples from the 1500s, and a couple from the early 1700s. The most-used source, the Skene Mandora Manuscript, dates to c.1630-33.

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Todd M. McComb