O Lusty May

O Lusty May
Renaissance Songs of Spring
The Toronto Consort - David Fallis
Dorian 93172


  1. Morley: Now is the month of maying
  2. Anon: Joan to the Maypole
  3. Playford: Bellamira & Emperor of the Moon
  4. Anon: Now the lusty spring is seen
  5. Ravenscroft: Willy prithee go to bed
  6. Playford: Greenwood & Hunt the Squirrel
  7. Dowland: Come away, come sweet love
  8. Eyck: Engels Nachtegaeltje
  9. Corkine: Beauty sat bathing
  10. Byrd: All in a garden green
  11. Anon: This merry pleasant spring
  12. Anon: Woodycock
  13. Costeley: Allons au vert boccage
  14. Arbeau: Basse-dance "Jouissance"
  15. Nicolas de la Grotte: La terre n'agueres glacée
  16. Jean Planson: La rousée du joly mois de may
  17. Clemens non Papa arr. Bassano: Frais et gaillard
  18. Grotte arr. Jehan Chardavoine: Quand ce beau printemps je voy
  19. Anon: A jigge / Squirrel's lament / The squirrel's toy
  20. Anon: Ma belle si ton ame
  21. Anon: O lusty May
  22. Tomkins: See, see the shepherds' queen

Performers: David Fallis (tenor, percussion), Meredith Hall (soprano), Paul Jenkins (tenor, harpsichord), Terry McKenna (lute, guitar), Alison Melville (recorder), John Pepper (bass), Laura Pudwell (mezzo-soprano)

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: March 1997 (Toronto)

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Todd M. McComb