Mariners and Milkmaids

Mariners and Milkmaids
Ballads and Dances from 17th Century England
Toronto Consort - David Fallis
Dorian 93247


  1. The Cut-Purse
  2. Come ashore Jolly Tar & your Trousers on
  3. Never love thee more
  4. Gilderoy
  5. John Bennet: Luer, Faulkners, luer
  6. In Eighty Eight
  7. The Sailor Laddie / The Sailor Lassie
  8. Epping Forest / The English Huntsuppe / The Old Mole
  9. The Cries of London / The Queen's Delight
  10. The Countrey Lasse
  11. The Milke-maid's Life
  12. An Italian Rant / The Chirping of the Larke / The 29th of May
  13. The Recruiting Officer
  14. Thomas Bateson: Sister awake
  15. Waltham Abbey
  16. Ravenscroft: New Oysters
  17. 'Twas within a Furlong of Edinborough Town
  18. Ravenscroft: Wee be Souldiers three
  19. Sweet William
  20. Mad Tom
  21. The Faulconers Hunting
  22. Boate man
  23. Byrd: The Maidens Songe
  24. Ravenscroft: Wee be three poore Mariners
  25. Greensleeves

Performers: David Fallis (tenor, percussion, harpsichord), Ben Grossman (percussion, hurdy-gurdy), Katherine Hill (soprano, viol), Paul Jenkins (tenor, harpsichord), Terry McKenna (lute, guitar), Alison Melville (recorder, flute), John Pepper (bass), Laura Pudwell (mezzo-soprano), David Greenberg (violin)

Playing time: 76'

Recording date: November 2001 (Toronto)

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Todd M. McComb