Cantigas de Santa Maria

Cantigas de Santa Maria
Ensemble Alia Música
Dischi Ricordi RCL 27085 [LP]


    Alfonso le Sabio (attr.) Cantigas de Santa Maria
  1. Cantiga 1: Des oge mais quer' eu trobar (instr.)
  2. Cantiga 245: O que en coita de morte mui grand' ou en prijon for
  3. Cantiga 137: Sempr' acha Santa Maria razon verdadeira (Launeddas ?, see comments)

  4. Martim Codax
  5. Cantiga 6: Quantas sabedes amar

  6. Anon., Monastery of Ripoli MS:
  7. Conductus: Cedit frigus

  8. Alfonso le Sabio (attr.) Cantigas de Santa Maria
  9. Cantiga 20: Virga de Jesse (instr.)
  10. Cantiga [424]: Pois que dos Reys Nostro Sennor

  11. Martim Codax
  12. Cantiga 4: Ay Deus

  13. Alfonso le Sabio (attr.) Cantigas de Santa Maria
  14. Cantiga 77: Da que Deus mamou o leite do seu peito,
  15. Cantiga 35: O que a Santa Maria der algo ou prometer (instr.)
  16. Cantiga 100: Santa Maria, Strela do Dia

Playing time: 38' 00"

Ensemble Alia Musica [Brigitte Lesne (voice, tambourine), Gérard Lesne (voice, catene), Piergiorgio Lazzaretto (voice, bendir), Riccardo Grazioli (hurdy-gurdy, vielle, cittern), Silvio Malgarini (symphonia, hurdy-gurdy, saz, cittern, voice), Robert Batto ('ud), Francis Biggi ('ud, campana, cymbals), Alexandre Regis (zarb, nakers, bendir), Febo Guizzi (tambourine, cymbals, catene, sonagli, voice), Giuliano Prada (bagpipe, recorders, horn, campanello, voice), Mauro Palmas (launeddas), Mauro Pagani (rebec, vielle), Fabio Soragna (santur, pandeiro, darbukka, voice)]

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1979 or prior]

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Information kindly provided by Jon Stringer and also IUCAT. This "Alia Música" should not be confused with the other group under the direction of Miguel Sánchez.
Track # 3 was titled "launeddas" which is a mistake. Mr Jon Stinger provided the following information:
«Apparently who ever put the liner notes together failed to use the correct Cantiga song title but instead entitled it by the instrument that the performer plays. Launeddas is instrument! I quote from The Oxford Companion to Musical Instruments written and edited by Anthony Baines (1992). "The "reedpipe of Sardina", played mostly for round dances, and very likely a direct surviver of a "divergent double-pipe" of Antiquity.»

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