Medieval and Renaissance Sounds, vol. V

Medieval and Renaissance Sounds, vol. V
Dances, songs, and airs from the 13th through the 16th century
Kincorth Waits - Charles Foster, dir.
Desto DC 7200 [LP]
Desto DC 47200 [Cassette]


    Music from the court of Emperor Maximilian I

  1. Sauff aus und machs nit lang

  2. Anon.
  3. Ein Bauer gab sein son ein Weib

  4. Ludwig Senfl
  5. Ach Elslein, liebes Elselein
  6. Im Maien
  7. Music from 16th century England and Scotland

  8. My Lady Carey's dompe

  9. Cornish
  10. Blow thy horn, hunter

  11. Anon.
  12. Departe, departe

  13. Henry VIII
  14. Pastime with good company

  15. Music from the 13th and 14th centuries Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
  16. Kalenda maya

  17. Richard I
  18. Ja nuns hons pris

  19. Anon.
  20. Ductia
  21. English Dance
  22. Song of the ass

  23. Colin Muset
  24. Quant je voi yver retorner

  25. Adam de la Halle
  26. Tant con je vivrai

  27. Anon.
  28. Estampie
  29. Angelus ad Virginem
  30. Late renaissance Christmas music

    Thoinot Arbeau
  31. Official bransle

  32. Schein
  33. Angels from the sky
  34. In dulci jubilo

  35. Michael Praetorius
  36. There is a flower springing
  37. Dances from the Danserye

  38. Mourisque
  39. Bergerette
  40. Allemaigne
  41. Pass e medio
  42. Il etait une fillette
  43. Si pas souffrin
  44. Le coeur est bon
  45. Mille regretz
  46. Bataille
  47. Ungaresca

Playing time: 61' ??"

Kincorth Waits - Charles Foster, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1980 or prior]

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