Rubbra / Britten: Complete Recorder Works

Rubbra / Britten: The Complete Recorder Works
The Flautadors, Laurence Cummings, et al.
Dutton Laboratories 7142


  1. Josquin: Coeurs Désolés (4 recorders)
  2. Rubbra: Meditazioni sopra "Coeurs Désolés", Op. 67 (recorder, harpsichord)
  3. Rubbra: Air & Variations for Pipes, Op. 70 (4 recorders)
    Var. 1: Cradle Song
    Var. 2: Carillon
    Var. 3: Carol
    Var. 4: Dance
  4. Rubbra: Passacaglia sopra "Plusieurs Regrets", Op. 113 (recorder, harpsichord)
  5. Rubbra: Notturno, Op. 106 (4 recorders)

  6. Rubbra: Sonatina for Treble Recorder and Harpsichord, Op. 128 (recorder, harpsichord)
  7. I. Allegretto comodo
  8. II. Adagio mesto
  9. III. Variations on "En la fuente del rosel"
  10. Juan Vásquez: En la fuente del rosel (4 recorders)

  11. Rubbra: First Study Piece for Treble Recorder & Keyboard, Op. 118 (recorder, harpsichord)
  12. Air - Andante
  13. Musette - Allegretto moderato
  14. Gossamer - Allegro
  15. Valse
  16. Bells - Allegretto
  17. Dance - Gay
  18. Rubbra: Fantasia on a Chord, Op. 154 (recorder, viol, harpsichord)

  19. Britten: Alpine Suite for Recorder Trio (3 recorders)
  20. Arrival at Zermatt
  21. Swiss Clock - Romance
  22. Nursery Slopes
  23. Alpine Scene
  24. Moto perpetuo - Down the Piste
  25. Farewell to Zermatt
  26. Britten: March from "Gloriana" (recorder)
  27. Britten: Morris Dance from "Gloriana" (2 recorders)
  28. Britten: Scherzo for Recorder Quartet (4 recorers)
  29. Rubbra: Introduction, Aria and Fugue, Op. 104 (harpsichord)
  30. Machaut: Plus dure (3 recorders, bells)
  31. Rubbra: Fantasia on a Theme of Machaut, Op. 86 (recorder, string quartet, harpsichord)

  32. Rubbra: Cantata Pastorale, Op. 92 (soprano, recorder, cello, harpsichord)
  33. I. Lento
  34. II. Adagio
  35. III. Allegretto moderato

Performers: Catherine Fleming (descant & treble recorders), Ian Wilson (descant, treble & bass recorders, bells), Celia Ireland (descant & tenor recorders), Fiona Russell (descant & tenor recorders), Laurence Cummings (harpsichord), Susanna Pell (viol), Patricia Rozario (soprano), Krysia Osostowicz (violin), Matthew Truscott (violin), Judith Busbridge (viola), Pierre Doumenge (cello)

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: November 2003 (London)

This recording devoted to the recorder music of modern composers Edmund Rubbra (1901-1986) and Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) also includes some early music upon which some pieces were based. The musical output itself was solicited by Carl Dolmetsch (1911-1997).

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Todd M. McComb