Bogurodzica - Polish Medieval Works

Muzyka polskiego sredniowiecza XIII-XV w. - Polish Medieval Music 13th-15th c.
Ars Nova
Dux 0316


    Hymny / Hymns

    Anon., 13th-14th c.
  1. Bogurodzica

  2. Anon., Dominican author, early 15th c.: Hymn to Saint Adalbertus
  3. Fulget in templo legifer

  4. Anon., Cistercian author, early 13th c.: Hymn to Saint Hedwig
  5. Exultet hodie

  6. Wincenty of Kielcza, 13th c.: Hymn to Saint Stanislaus
  7. Gaude, mater Polonia
  8. Sekwencje / Sequence

    Anon., Bohemian or Swiss: Gradual of the St Clare Order in Dniezno
  9. Psallat chorus in hac die

  10. Anon., Francican author, second half 13th c., Library of St Clare Order nuns in Cracow
  11. O felix haec novitas

  12. Anon., Brzeg, 14th-15th c., Wroclaw Univ. Lib.
  13. Fulget dies

  14. Anon., second half of 15th c., Bernardine author of Cracow
  15. Verba buccinate Mariam Laudate
  16. Utwory wieloglosowe / Early polyphonic compositions

    Anon., 15th c., The National Library, Warsaw
  17. O nadrozszy kwiatku

  18. Mikolaj z Radomia, Krasinkis' Library, Warsaw
  19. Ballada

  20. Anon., 15th c., Franciscan Order of the Wielkopolska region, The Raczynskis' Library, Poznan
  21. O Maria, dulcor florum

  22. Anon., 15th c., Bernardines of Kobylin, The Raczynskis' Library, Poznan
  23. Badz wiesiola, Panno Czysta

  24. Anon., 15th c., Bernardines Monasrery Library, Cracow
  25. Ave in aevum Sanctissima Caro

  26. Anon., first half of 14th c., St Clare Order Library, Stary Sacz
  27. Omnia beneficia

Playing time: 58' 49"

Soloists: Anna Mikolajczyk, Robert Lawaty, Cezary Szyfman
Vocal Ensemble: Miroslaw Borczynski, Miroslaw Feldgebel, Robert Lawaty, Michal Straszewski, Stanislaw Szczycinski, Cezary Szyfman
Ars Nova, The Ensemble of Early Instruments
Agata Sapiecha, Malgorzata Feldgebel, Joanna Nogal, Tadeusz Czechak, Robert Krajewski, Jacek Urbaniak
Jacek Urbaniak, dir.

Recording site and date:
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Visitation, Warsaw [09/1996];
Rel.: 2003.

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Early Music America (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Goldberg (y., #-p.): 2005, 37-72
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):

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