Locke: A Magnifick Consort

A Magnifick Consort
Chamber Music & Songs by Matthew Locke
Rachel Platt / Concordia - Mark Levy
Dervorguilla 108


  1. Consort of Four Parts no. 2 in D
  2. Consort of Four Parts no. 3 in F
  3. Flat Consort no. 2 in B flat
  4. Suite For Several Friends no. 6 in A
  5. Harpsichord Suite in C
  6. Organ Voluntary in F
  7. Organ Voluntary in A minor
  8. Organ Voluntary in A minor
  9. Urania to Parthenissa
  10. The Despondent
  11. Lover's Song
  12. Bone Jesu, Verbum Patris
  13. Lucinda, Wink or Veil those Eyes

Performers: Concordia Viol Consort, Rachel Platt (soprano), John Holloway (violin), Gary Cooper (organ, harpsichord)

Playing time: 68'

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Todd M. McComb