Music in London, 1580-1620

Flower of Cities All
Music in London, 1580-1620
The English Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble - William Lyons
Deux-Elles 1118


  1. Parsons: The Song Called Trumpets
  2. Holborne: Wanton
  3. Holborne: Paradizo
  4. Holborne: My Selfe
  5. Byrd: The Bells
  6. John Bennett: Venus' Birds
  7. Byrd: The Queen's Good Night
  8. Anon: Pakington's Pownde
  9. Byrd: Miserere
  10. Byrd: Christe Qui Lux
  11. Dowland: Flow my Teares
  12. Dowland: Semper Dowland, Semper Dolens
  13. John Adson: Courtly Masquing Ayre
  14. Valentin Haussmann: All ye who love
  15. William Wigthorpe: Rowland
  16. Anon., arr. Lyons: Fortune My Foe
  17. Anon: Fortune My Foe
  18. Farnaby: Pawles Wharfe
  19. Byrd: The Leaves be Green
  20. Adson: The Bull Maske
  21. Adson: Adson's Maske
  22. Byrd: Fair Britain Isle
  23. Jerome Bassano: Fantasia a5 no. 3
  24. Morley, arr. Lyons: O Mistris Myne
  25. Farnaby, arr. Lyons: The Lord Zouche's Maske
  26. Farnaby: Grayes Inne Maske
  27. Adson: Courtly Masquing Ayre
  28. Adson: Courtly Masquing Ayre

Performers: Fiona Russell (treble & alto cornett), Gawain Glenton (cornett), Emily White (alto & tenor sackbut), Tom Lees (tenor sackbut), Adrian France (bass & tenor sackbut), William Lyons (dulcian), Robert Howarth (virginals), David Miller (lute), Matthew Wadsworth (lute), Mark Chambers (countertenor)

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: February 2006 (Dorset); released: 2008

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Todd M. McComb