Songs of the age of St. Francis of Assisi

Gloria 'n Cielo e Pace 'n Terra
Songs of the age of St. Francis of Assisi
Orientis Partibus
Dynamic 269


  1. Alle psallite cum luya (fiddle, lute, 2 bagpipes, tambourine)
  2. Angelorum Glorie (2 voices, 2 gemshorns, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy)
  3. Festa Dies Agitur (2 voices, bagpipe, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, pipe & tabor, tambourine, sistrum)
  4. Verbum Caro Factum Est (2 voices, bagpipe, pipe & tabor, fiddle, lute, bendir)
  5. Concordi Leatitia (voice, fiddle, lute, harp, psaltery)
  6. Verbum Patris Humanatur (voice, fiddle, lute, recorder)
  7. Cantiga 159: Non Sofre Santa Maria (hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, flute, harp, castanets, bendir)
  8. Pois Que Dos Reys (voice, saz, fiddle, flute, psaltery, sistrum)
  9. Cleri Cetus (voice, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, pipe & tabor, bagpipe)
  10. Gaude Virgo (fiddle, bagpipe, recorder)
  11. Dies Festa Colitur (2 voices, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, flute, tambourine, bendir)
  12. Verbum Bonum et suave (3 voices, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy)
  13. Stella nuova 'n fra la gente (4 voices, hurdy-gurdy)
  14. Gloria 'n cielo e pace 'n terra (voice, fiddle, lute, recorder, harp, tambourine)

Performers: Marco Becchetti (fiddle, voice), Roberto Bisogno (lute, hurdy-gurdy, saz), Mauro Borgioni (voice, sistrum), Giovanni Brugnami (flute, pipe & tabor, bagpipe, double flute, cylindrical recorders, gemshorn), Alessandro Pascoli (voice, tambourine, castanets), Luisa Sambuco (voice), Brunella Spaterna (harp, tambourine, voice), Vladimiro Vagnetti (bagpipe, gemshorn, psaltery, tambourine, bendir, voice)

Playing time: 57'

Recording date: July 1999 (Assisi)

Besides the laude, this program includes other complementary pieces in medieval genres throughout Europe. The theme is always similar: the sacred in secular style.

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