Gabrielli: Missa Apostolorum

Andrea Gabrielli: Missa Apostolorum
Francesco Cera / More Antiquo - Giovanni Conti
Dynamic CDS 361


  1. Introitus (Andrea Gabrielli: Toccata / Gregorian chant: Mihi autem)
  2. Kyrie (Alternatim)
  3. Gloria (Alternatim
  4. Canzon Doplo l'Epistola (Andrea Gabrielli: Canzon francese "Je ne'en dirai mot, bergére")
  5. Alleluia (Gregorian chant: Te gloriosus)
  6. Credo apostolorum (Alternatim)
  7. Offertorium (Andrea Gabrielli: Ricercar Arioso III.)
  8. Sanctus (Alternatim)
  9. Ad Elevationem (Andrea Gabrielli: motet in tablature "Fuit homo missus a Deo")
  10. Angus Dei (Alternatim)
  11. Communio (Gregorian chant: Amen dico vobis)
  12. Postcommunio (Andrea Gabrielli: Canzon "Qui la dira")
  13. Oratio (Gregorian chant: Protege Domine / Andrea Gabrielli: Intonazione del I. Tono)
  14. Ite, missa est (Gregorian chant / Andrea Gabrielli: Intonazione del VII. Tono)

Performers: Francesco Cera (organ), More Antiquo

Playing time: 66:32

Recording date: January 2001

Andrea Gabrielli (c. 1533-1585) was one of the most versatile Italian composers of the 16th century. He wrote in a variety of genres, from vocal music to keyboard music. The focus of the present recording is his Missa Apostolorum, a mass in alternatim in which his organ verses are alternated with Gregorian chant. The verses are only extant in manuscript form in a library in Turin. The Introitus, final Amen and Ite are missing from the present mass and have been supplied from other pieces by Gabrielli; the Agnus Dei, also missing, is by Claudio Merulo.

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Christopher Schifani