Medieval songs from Norway
B. Garnås, J. Garbarek
ECM 1402
(ECM 839 293-2)


    Anon., Norway, medieval period:
  1. Innferd
  2. Rosensfole
  3. Margjit og Targiei Risvollo
  4. Maalfri mi fruve
  5. Venelite
  6. Stolt øli
  7. Signe lita
  8. Lillebroer og Storebroer
  9. Grisilla
  10. Utferd

Agnes Buen Garnås (vocal performance), Jan Garbarek (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, synthesizers, percussion instruments)

Playing time: 53' 41"

Recording site and date:
Bel Studio, Oslo, Norway [Autumn 1988];
Rel.: 1989

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 13/2-449 (november/december 1989)

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