Codex Speciálník

Codex Speciálník
Hilliard Ensemble
ECM New Series 1504


  1. Anon: Exordium quadruplate / Nate dei / Concrepet infanti / Verbum caro factum
  2. Anon: Tria sunt munera / Videntes stellam / Reges Tharsis
  3. Anon: In natali domini
  4. Anon: Sophia nascitur / O quam pulchra / Magi videntes
  5. Anon: Congaudemus pariter / En lux immensa
  6. Anon: Magnum miraculum
  7. Anon: Nobis est natus
  8. Anon: Salve mater gracie
  9. Anon: Christus iam surrexit / Terra tremuit / Angelus domini / Surrexit Christus
  10. Grudencz: Presulem ephebeatum
  11. Grudencz: Paraneuma eructemus
  12. Grudencz: Presidiorum erogatrix
  13. Grudencz: Pneuma eucaristiarum / Veni vere illustrator / Dator eya / Paraclito tripudia
  14. Anon: Terrigenarum plasmator
  15. Anon: Pulcherrima rosa
  16. Touront: Chorus iste
  17. Gontrásek: Bud' buohu chvála cest
  18. Agricola: O virens virginum
  19. Anon: Kyrie "Petite Camusette"
  20. Anon: Gloria "Petite Camusette"
  21. Plummer: Tota pulchra es
  22. Anon: Credo "Petite Camusette"
  23. Anon: Ave pura tu puella
  24. Anon: Sanctus "Petite Camusette"
  25. Josquin: Ave Maria, gratia plena

Performers: David James, Rogers Covey-Crump, John Potter, Gordon Jones

Playing time: 77'

Recording date: January 1993

The manuscript from which these pieces are taken is from Prague. The original compilation apparently dates from c.1500, with a later binding in 1546. Pieces continued to be inserted, although these additions are not represented in the present recording.

The recording begins with pieces representing a significantly older style (c.1300), and progresses through pieces from c.1500, including some by such well-known Renaissance figures as Josquin and Agricola.

Some of the relatively unknown composers prominent in the manuscript are Petrus de Grudencz (c.1400-1480), Johannes Touront (fl.c.1450-80), Gontrásek (fl.c.1500), and John Plummer (c.1410-c.1484). The anonymous Missa "Petite Camusette" is the only truly large-scale piece recorded here.

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