Works by Tallis, Tye & Sheppard

Audivi vocem
Works by Tallis, Tye & Sheppard
Hilliard Ensemble
ECM "New Series" 1936 (4766353)


    Thomas Tallis
  1. In ieiunio et fletu
  2. Te lucis ante terminum
  3. Audivi vocem

  4. Christopher Tye
  5. Omnes gentes
  6. Gloria (from Missa Sine Nomine)

  7. John Sheppard
  8. Gaudete celicole omnes
  9. Beati omnes

  10. Christopher Tye
  11. Credo (from Missa Sine Nomine)

  12. Thomas Tallis
  13. Salvator mundi

  14. John Sheppard
  15. Laudate pueri Dominum

  16. Christopher Tye
  17. Sanctus (from Missa Sine Nomine)

  18. John Sheppard
  19. Eterne rex, altissime

  20. Christopher Tye
  21. Agnus Det (from Missa Sine Nomine)
  22. In pace, in idipsum

Performers: David James (counter-tenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), Steven Harrold (tenor), Gordon Jones (baritone), Robert Macdonald (bass)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: March 2005 (Propstei St. Gerold); released: 2008

Information from Peter Berg, Shawn T. Mann, and Stefan in Germany.

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Todd M. McComb