Being Dufay

Being Dufay
Music based on vocal fragments by Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474)
John Potter (tenor) & Ambrose Field (composer)
ECM "New Series" 476 6948 [CD] or
ECM "New Series" 2071


    Guillaume Dufay (t) / Ambrose Field (composer)
  1. Ma belle dame souveraine
  2. Je me complains
  3. Being Dufay (Quel fronte signorille in paradiso)
  4. Je vous pri

  5. Ambrose Field (composer)
  6. Presque quelque chose

  7. Guillaume Dufay (t) / Ambrose Field (composer)
  8. Sanctus
  9. La dolce vista

John Potter (tenor) & Ambrose Field (composer, live and studio electronics)

Playing time: 49' 30"

Recording site and date:
Ambrose Field Bishopthorpe, North Yorkshire, UK [2007];
Rel.: 2009

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