Holliger: Machaut-Transkriptionen

Holliger: Machaut-Transkriptionen
Hilliard Ensemble, et al.
ECM "New Series" 2224
ECM 476 5121


  1. Machaut: Ballade IV - Biaute qui toutes autre pere
  2. Holliger after Machaut: Ballade IV für drei Violen (2001)
  3. Machaut: Ballade XXVI - Donnez, Seigneur
  4. Holliger after Machaut: Ballade XXVI für drei Violen (2001)
  5. Machaut: Double Hoquet
  6. Holliger after Machaut: Triple Hoquet (2002)
  7. Holliger after Machaut: Lay VII für vier Stimmen (2006)
  8. Holliger after Machaut: In(ter)ventio a 3 und Plor- / Prol- / Or-atio für drei Violen (2009)
  9. Holliger after Machaut: Complainte und Epilog für vier Singstimmen und drei Violen (2009)

Performers: David James (countertenor), Rogers Covey-Crump (tenor), Steven Harrold (tenor), Gordon Jones (baritone); Geneviève Strosser (viola), Jürg Dähler (viola), Muriel Cantoreggi (viola)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: November 2010 (Zürich); released: 2015

Most of this program, as noted, is contemporary music written by Heinz Holliger (b.1939).

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Todd M. McComb