Lasso: Lectiones sacrae novem ex Libris Hiob

Officium Defunctorum
Lasso: Lectiones sacrae novem ex Libris Hiob
Corvina Consort - Zoltán Kalmanovits
Emendé Production MDP 001


  1. Invitatorium: Regem cui omnia vivunt (chant)
  2. Lassus: Parce mihi Domine
  3. Responsorium: Credo quod Redemptor meus (chant)
  4. Lassus: Taedet animam meam
  5. Responsorium: Qui Lazarum resuscitasti (chant)
  6. Lassus: Manus tuae Domine
  7. Responsorium: Domine, quando veneris (chant)
  8. Lassus: Responde mihi
  9. Responsorium: Memento mei Deus (chant)
  10. Lassus: Homo, natus de muliere
  11. Responsorium: Hei mihi! (chant)
  12. Lassus: Quis mihi hoc tribuat
  13. Responsorium: Ne recorderis peccata mea (chant)
  14. Lassus: Spiritus meus attenuabitur
  15. Responsorium: Peccantem me quotidie (chant)
  16. Lassus: Pelli meae
  17. Responsorium: Domine, secundum actum meum (chant)
  18. Lassus: Quare de vulva
  19. Responsorium: Libera me Domine (chant)
  20. Antiphona: Omnis spiritus (chant)
    Psalmus: Laudate Dominum (chant)
  21. Antiphona: Ego sum resurrectio et vita (chant)
    Palestina: Benedictus

Performers: Ágnes Pintér, Károly Pászti, Zoltán Kalmanovits, András Demjén

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: December 1998 - February 1999 (Budapest)

This is the third and last setting of Lessons by Lassus, all in four parts, published in Munich in 1582. It is the second of the Lessons to set texts from Job. The most obvious continuation of his style in this area is in the 4- & 5- voice Lamentation settings of 1588 and 1585 respectively. 1582 was also the year in which Lassus wrote the last two of four Passions, so it was clearly a significant year for the direction of his liturgical output. None of these works was included in early studies of Lassus, and consequently this entire segment of his vast output has been relatively neglected.

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