Altenglische Consortmusik

Altenglische Consortmusik aus The first book of concert lessons (Thomas Morley)
Linde Consort
EMI "Reflexe" 1C 063-30 105 [LP]
EMI "Reflexe" 1C 263-30 105 [Cass.]


    Nicholas Strogers?:
  1. In Nomine Pavin

  2. William Byrd?:
  3. My Lord of Oxenfords maske

  4. Richard Allison:
  5. Goe from my window

  6. Anthony Holborne: Suite
  7. Sedet sola
  8. Galliard
  9. Pavana ploravit
  10. The fairie-round

  11. John Dowland?:
  12. Galliard to Captaine Pipers Pavin
  13. Lacrimae Pavin

  14. Robert Johnson:
  15. The Fairy Masque

  16. William Lawes:
  17. The Triumph of Peace

  18. Giovani Coperario:
  19. Cuperaree or Grayes Inne
  20. The Squire's Masque

  21. Richard Allison:
  22. The Batchelars delight

  23. Anon.:
  24. Michills Galliard

  25. William Byrd:
  26. The Leaves be green

  27. Alfonso Ferrabosco:
  28. Fantasia I
  29. Fantasia II

  30. Thomas Morley?:
  31. Balowe
  32. Sola Soletta

Playing time: 46' 36"

Performers: Konrad Ragossnig (lute), Linde Consort [Hans-Martin Linde (recorder), Anna Wallin (recorder), Annegret Schaub (recorder), Verena Zacher (recorder), Leter Jenne (recorder), Herbert Hoever (baroque violin), Michael Jappe (viola da gamba), Madeleine Jenny (cittern), Philippe Meunier (bandora)]

Recording site and date:
Evangel. Kirche, Basel, Switzerland [05/1971]

Label may vary (EMI-VSM (France), Odeon or Peters)

EMI "Reflexe" 1C 163 30 101 / 006Y [LPx6] EMI "Reflexe" - Stationen Europäischer Musik" Vol. 1; also released as Cassette and CD.

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

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