Peter Abélard

Peter Abélard - Planctus Jephta, Planctus David
Studio der frühen Musik
EMI "Reflexe" 1C 063-30 123 [LP-Stereo]


    Peter Abélard:
  1. Planctus David

  2. ----
  3. Jephta
  4. O quanta qualia

Playing time: 45' 43"

[1] Studio der frühen Musik
Andrea von Ramm (mezzosoprano, organetto), Richard Levitt (Alto, percussions), Sterling Jones (lyra, rebec), Thomas Binkley (Lute)
[2] Studio der frühen Musik
Andrea von Ramm (singer), Sally Smith (singer), Barbara Thornton (singer), Pilar Figueras (singer), Montserrat Savall (singer), Sterling Jones (lyra), Thomas Binkley (flute), Richard Levitt (tabor)
[3] Studio der frühen Musik
Andrea von Ramm (mezzosoprano), Richard Levitt (alto), Sterling Jones (chitarra sarracenica), Thomas Binkley (lute).

Recording site and date:
[1] Bürgerbräu, München [05/1973]
[2]-[3] Studio Zehlendorf (Berlin) [06/1974]

Label may vary (EMI-VSM (France), Odeon or Peters)

[3] Virgin Classics 0946 356902 2 4 [CD] Music from the time of the Crusades (1096 - 1270).

EMI "Reflexe" 1C 163 30119 / 0224 Y [LPx6] EMI "Reflexe - Stationen Europäischer Musik" Vol. 4; also released as Cassette and CD.

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Note Barbara Thornton (future Sequentia) and Montserrat Savall (obviously Figueras).

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