A Musicall Banquet (1610)

A Musicall Banquet (1610) - Furnished with a varietie of delicious Ayres, collected out of the best authors in English, French, Spanish and Italian
Nigel Rogers, Anthony Bailes, Jordi Savall
EMI "Reflexe" 1C 163 30 934 [LP]
Peters "Reflexe" PLE 058 [LP, USA]
EMI "Reflexe" CDM 7 63429 2 [CD]


    John Dowland:
  1. Sir Robert Sidney, His Galliard

  2. Anthony Holborne (m) / George, Earl of Cumberland (t)
  3. My heavie sprite, oppress'd with sorrow's might

  4. Richard Martin (m) / Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex (t)
  5. Change thy mind since she doth change

  6. Robert Hales (m) / Nicholas Breton ? (t)
  7. O Eyes, leave off your weeping

  8. Anon. (m) / Sir Philip Sidney (t)
  9. Go my flock, go get you hence
  10. O dear life, when shall it be?

  11. Daniel Batchelar (m) / Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex (t)
  12. To plead my faith

  13. Guillaume (?) Tessier (m) / Sir Philip Sidney (t)
  14. In a grove most rich of shade

  15. John Dowland (m) / Sir Henry Lea (t)
  16. Far from triumphing court

  17. John Dowland (m) / Anon. (t)
  18. Lady, if you so spite me
  19. In darkness let me dwell

  20. Pierre Guédron (m) / Anon. (Air du Cour) (t)
  21. Si le parler et le silence

  22. Anon.(m) / Anon. (Air du Cour) (t):
  23. Ce penser qui sans fin tirannise ma vie

  24. Pierre Guédron (m) / Anon. (Air du Cour) (t)
  25. Vous que le Bonheur rappelle

  26. Anon., Spain (m) / Jorge de Montemayor (Diana) (t)
  27. Passava Amor su arco desarmada

  28. Anon., Italy / Anon. (t)
  29. Sta notte mi sognava

  30. Anon., Spain (m & t):
  31. Vuestros ojos tienen d'Amor

  32. Domenico Maria Megli (m) / Anon. (t)
  33. Se di farmi morire

  34. Giulio Caccini (m) / Anon. (t)
  35. Dovró dunque morire ?

  36. Giulio Caccini (m & t)
  37. Amarilli mia bella

  38. Anon., Italy / Anon. (t)
  39. O bella più

Playing time: 54' 27"

Nigel Rogers (tenor), Anthony Bailes (lute), Jordi Savall (viola da gamba)

Recording site and date:
Unknown site, Switzerland [09/1976];
Rel.: 1977 (LP, EMI), 1991 (CD)

EMI Classics "Reflexe" 7243 8 26 501 2 9 [CDx6] REFLEXE Vol. 6 Stationen Europäischer Musik

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